Hi! Thanks for the great article.

As the discipline grows and the problems we tackle as designers are becoming more and more complex, Systems thinking seems to be a must-have tool.

It’s great to see how such an amazing studio is using it on the field.

I have a few conceptual ideas I would like to ask you about.

I found it interesting that you talk about Systems centered design.

What would you say the principles of Systems centered design are?

I ask this because as I see it there’s a difference between what we are working with as designers (products, experiences, systems) and for whom (individuals, organizations, societies).

I believe that taking a systemic approach will lead us towards designing for a higher level in the emergence ladder (organizations, communities and even whole societies).

Your example of the chair seems to imply that you can take a systemic view to solve an individual’s problem, but I feel It’s still a human centered approach on a principles level (link to Don Norman's page: https://jnd.org/the-four-fundamental-principles-ofhuman-centered-design/). What would you say the differences are -if any- between the two concepts?

I’m really excited that we’re starting to have more systems discussions amongst designers!

Designer with a passion for design and culture

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